Hip hop vinyl from the early 90s and beyond

The grading of vinyl and their sleeves is not an exact science and is often very subjective. NeverDated Records makes every effort to ensure records and their sleeves are graded as accurately as possible.

Too many records get sold as 'mint' when they are not. It is impossible for a record that has been played even just once to still be mint! Vinyl sold at NeverDated Records will only be described as mint when the record is still sealed. An unsealed record that remains unplayed would be described as 'mint minus'.

All records are carefully inspected before sale. The vinyl is checked under bright light and, unless the record is sealed or looks unplayed, all records are play tested for any evidence of surface noise. Vinyl is played on a Technics 1210 turntable with a Shure M44-7 cartridge. The turntable is set up for most accurate sound reproduction with the counterweight set as light as possible to expose any potential problems.

In addition to the grading, a brief description of the vinyl and sleeve condition is always given to elaborate on what exactly causes the item to receive that specific grading. This should mean that you are always happy with the condition of vinyl purchased from NeverDated Records!